DevAssist Browser Extension

DevAssist is a unique open-source browser extension powered by ChainGPT's advanced AI technology, created to provide users with additional information regarding any smart contract they are interacting with. Explaining the code they agree to in plain English. For example, suppose a user uses a meta mask to interact with a smart contract through a DApp or a web application. In that case, the DevAssist extension will pop up with easy to understand explanation of what the smart contract the user is about to interact with is doing.
The Power of ChainGPT By utilizing the advanced AI model, ChainGPT has to offer. Every smart contract is scanned live by ChainGPT's AI, analyzed, and then explained simply so that it's easy to understand by all users. This is the first time non-developers with no-code knowledge can know what the smart contract they're about to interact with is doing.
Your developer assistant at all times, free of charge.
You can download the link soon; please get in touch with us via Telegram, Discord, or Email for early access.

What's Coming Next?

In our next versions, you can expect these features to be added to DevAssist:
  • NFT authentication; get notified if the NFT you are about to interact with is the original NFT collection you may think it is. For example, if you are about to send or purchase a BAYC NFT DevAssist will let you know if it's an original or a fake.
  • "HardBlock" feature can be activated and automatically reject malicious smart contracts.
  • BSC, MATIC, and AVAX chains will be supported.
  • Stop DEX transactions that may be front-run.