✔️2023: Q3-Q4

Status: Completed

In Q3 2023, expect groundbreaking developments, like the AI NFT Generator DApp and ChainGPT Pad, our AI-driven launchpad. Join our AI interactions on Discord and Twitter (pilot release). The Crypto AI Hub, ChainGPT V1 Web-Application, will redefine your crypto experience. Earn rewards in our Prompt marketplace, and businesses/developers get API & SDK access. In Q4, our General Ecosystem Roadmap brings more excitement. Web3 Security Extension ensures safe Web3 interactions. The development of ChainGPT Mobile App, with a built-in wallet and AI tools, is launching on iOS & Android. DAO Treasury Funds unlock CGPT tokens for stakers, and we introduce the AI Trading Assistant LLM & Tool. The AI Chatbot expands, the SDK improves, and hidden product releases are on the horizon. Our presence grows on Twitter, and $CGPT Staking Pools gets an 'auto-compound' feature. The Crypto AI Hub upgrades with wallet integration, Tron, CCIP tech, diverse payments, automated burn, in-chat token swaps, interactive charts, Smart Contract Generator, and expanded audit solutions for a secure and efficient experience.

Q3 2023:

Q4 2023:

General Ecosystem Roadmap:

Crypto AI Hub Upgrade:

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