Launchpad Whitelabel

Empowering Web3 launchpads and ecosystems with ChainGPT Whitelabel solution.

The concept of our whitelabel launchpad revolves around offering a versatile, customizable, and efficient solution, catering to the needs of entrepreneurs and organizations seeking to establish their own web3 launchpad. This approach eliminates the need to build everything from scratch, allowing businesses to align the launchpad with their specific requirements and branding, simplifying the process and saving valuable time and resources.

Key challenges in building your own launchpad:

  • Complex technical requirements: time consuming setup causing delays, potential errors.

  • Limited resources for development: compromised development, delays.

  • Security Vulnerabilities: lost funds and tarnished reputation.

  • Interfaces for investors: clunky, unengaging dashboards that are not aesthetically pleasing.

ChainGPT's solution to address the challenges:

  • Simplified token sale launch process: save time, reduce errors, accelerate launches.

  • Robust security and smart contract auditing: third-party audits, code reviews, real-time monitoring.

  • Comprehensive support ecosystem: development, auditing, testing, troubleshooting.

  • Investor-centric dashboard: user-friendly, informative, aesthetically pleasing.

  • Customizability and branding options for launchpads: maintain a consistent brand image throughout the platform.

  • User friendly admin panel: staking pools, vesting, IDO pools.

Advantages of adding launchpad to the ecosystem:

Extra token utility Introducing a new use case for the project's native token that can be utilized for participation in token sales, which boosts its value and utility. New token holders Attracting new audience of potential token holders who are interested in early-stage projects, diversifying the community and increasing liquidity.

Increased staking amount Token holders may need to stake or lock their tokens to participate in launchpad offerings, increasing the amount of tokens held in the ecosystem and reducing circulating supply.

Community growth Launchpads encourage engagement and participation within the project's community. This can lead to more active discussions, social media growth, and broader audience reach.

Partnership opportunities Collaborating with various projects seeking fundraising or other strategic support. This can lead to partnerships, co-marketing opportunities, and a network of valuable connections.

Brand visibility and exposure Hosting launchpad events can significantly enhance a project's visibility. It showcases the project to a wider audience, potentially attracting more attention from the web3 space.

Broadening ecosystem and services Extending the ecosystem's capabilities, making it more diverse by adding launchpad services as part of crowdfunding support.

Additional source of capital By incorporating a launchpad into the ecosystem, project extends the possibilities of securing additional capital ensuring long-term sustainability.

Why ChainGPT's Launchpad Whitelabel solution?

  • Cutting-edge technology stack for seamless operations;

  • Proven track record in Web3 development;

  • End-to-end support from concept to launch;

  • Strong ecosystem partnerships;

  • Security and compliance;

  • User dashboard for better user experience;

  • Improvements based on community feedback;

  • Accessibility to admin panel;

  • Smart Contracts: IDO sale, token distribution and vesting, token claim, refund process, KYC contracts.

Full scale features and functionality

  • Token Sale Configuration;

  • Smart Contract Integration;

  • Investor Dashboard;

  • Security and Auditing;

  • Payment Options;

  • Multi-Chain Compatibility;

  • Admin Panel;

  • Frontend Customizability and Branding;

  • Analytics and Reporting;

  • Multi-Lingual Support;

  • CertiK Audit Report;

  • Development Support;

  • "How To Use" Support;

  • Large-Scale Back-End Customization;

  • Large-Scale Smart-Contract Customization;

  • Access to Source-Code;

  • Future Updates & Features;

  • ChainGPT UI/UX designers support in case of any changes to the front-end.

Launchpad User Experience

ChainGPT's Whitelabel Launchpad solution represents the ultimate choice for projects in pursuit of a streamlined and adaptable path towards conducting token or NFT sales. This offering affords projects the ability to tailor the launchpad experience to their unique needs, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly journey for both project teams and participants. By adopting our Launchpad Whitelabel solution, projects gain a powerful tool to fuel their growth and success in the Web3 space, elevating it to a foundational element of a flourishing ecosystem.


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