✔️2024: Q1-Q2

Status: Completed

In the first half of 2024, ChainGPT unveils a transformative roadmap, marking a new era in the fusion of AI and blockchain technology. Key highlights include the launch of CryptoGuard, an AI-powered Web3 security extension, and a feature-rich mobile app for iOS and Android. The roadmap also promises enhanced SDK functionality, a mysterious product release, and the integration of ChainGPT's AI capabilities on Twitter. Significant upgrades are planned for the Crypto AI Hub, AI Trading Assistant, and AI NFT Generator, focusing on user experience and creative empowerment. The ChainGPT Pad is set for a major revamp, introducing new functionalities like a Vesting Marketplace and exclusive benefits for NFT holders, alongside strategic expansions into the Solana and BRC-20 networks. This period also sets the stage for ChainGPT's ambitious initiative to develop an AI-focused decentralized blockchain, targeting the GPU shortage problem in the market. This roadmap is a testament to ChainGPT's commitment to innovation, aiming to redefine the intersection of AI and blockchain.

Q1-Q2 2024:

General Ecosystem Roadmap:

Crypto AI Hub Upgrade:

AI Trading Assistant Upgrade:

AI NFT Generator Upgrade:

ChainGPT Pad Upgrade:

ChainGPT's AIVM Blockchain:

Take a deeper dive into ChainGPT's 2024-2026 initiative and goals of developing an innovative AI-focused decentralized blockchain.

🔜2024-2025 AIVM Blockchain Initiative



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