🔜2024-2025 AIVM Blockchain Initiative

Introduction to ChainGPT's AIVM: The Future of Decentralized AI

ChainGPT's AI Virtual Machine (AIVM) represents a pioneering advancement in decentralized artificial intelligence, poised to redefine how AI models are developed, executed, and secured on blockchain networks. At its core, AIVM is designed to address the critical limitations of centralized AI platforms by offering unparalleled privacy, security, and trust through innovative on-chain methodologies.

Empowering Decentralized AI

In contrast to traditional centralized AI platforms, which often lack transparency and expose critical data to risks, ChainGPT's AIVM champions a decentralized approach that ensures data privacy and model security are prioritized without compromising on performance. This decentralized framework enables developers and enterprises to deploy AI models with confidence, leveraging advanced techniques such as zero-knowledge machine learning (ZKML) and decentralized inference protocols.

AIVM's Core Innovations

ChainGPT's AIVM introduces several groundbreaking innovations tailored to enhance the efficiency and security of AI computations:

  1. Decentralized Query Marketplace:

    • AIVM hosts a decentralized query marketplace, providing a global repository of AI models and tools. This marketplace operates on a reward economy, facilitating collaboration among AI developers, miners, and reviewers to curate various models for various applications.

  2. On-chain AI Model Execution:

    • AIVM enables the execution of AI models directly on-chain, ensuring that model parameters and outputs remain confidential and verifiable. This approach mitigates risks associated with centralized processing and delivers robust solutions for critical AI inference tasks.

  3. Zero-Knowledge Consensus Mechanism:

    • AIVM integrates a zero-knowledge-based consensus mechanism to safeguard data privacy and uphold the integrity of AI computations. This innovative protocol enables trustless validation of AI outputs while preserving confidentiality—a significant advancement for sensitive applications.

  4. Decentralized GPU Support:

    • Recognizing the critical role of computational resources, AIVM supports decentralized GPU infrastructure. This inclusive approach democratizes access to high-performance computing, allowing diverse participants to contribute as validators and enhancing network scalability.

  5. GPU Computing Power Marketplace:

    • AIVM features a marketplace for decentralized GPU computing power. Users can access and utilize GPU resources for AI computations, fostering efficiency and scalability in AI model training and execution.

  6. AI Data Marketplace:

    • AIVM includes an AI data marketplace where users can buy and sell datasets, collaborate on AI model training, and earn rewards for data contributions. This marketplace supports the development of AI applications by providing access to diverse and high-quality datasets.

  7. Inference Library (SDK):

    • AIVM offers an SDK that enables developers to integrate smart contracts with AI models, facilitating on-chain AI interactions. Compatible with any EVM network, this SDK empowers developers to deploy and manage AI-driven applications securely and efficiently.

  8. ChainGPT's AIVM:

    • A decentralized AI blockchain, AIVM supports various use-cases:

      • Inference: Execute AI models on-chain for verifiable and confidential results.

      • Training: Train AI models directly on the blockchain, leveraging decentralized resources.

      • GPU Computing Marketplace: Access decentralized GPU resources for AI computations.

      • Zero-Knowledge Consensus Mechanism: Ensure data privacy and integrity in AI computations.

      • CGPT Token Utility: Required for running nodes within the AIVM network, incentivizing network participation and governance.

AIVM Roadmap: 2024-2025 Initiatives & Development Phases:

Q1-Q2, 2024: Phase (completed)

  • ChainGPT's AIVM Research Phase: focuses on the initial research and theoretical development of the AIVM network, exploring potential use-cases, consensus mechanisms, and network utilities.

  • Early Stage AIVM Development: This phase involves assembling a team of senior blockchain and AI developers, along with product development leaders, to help ChainGPT create the most innovative AIVM network in Web3. It includes the early-stage development of both the network and its related products.

Q3-Q4, 2024: Phase 1

  • Development of AI Data Marketplace (phase 1): ChainGPT initiates the creation of an AI Data Marketplace within its AIVM ecosystem, facilitating the exchange of diverse datasets crucial for training AI models. This marketplace aims to democratize access to high-quality data, empowering developers and enterprises to enhance their AI applications.

  • GPU Computing Power Marketplace (phase 1): Concurrently, ChainGPT establishes a GPU Computing Power Marketplace, allowing users to lease computational resources for AI model training and inference tasks. This marketplace leverages decentralized principles to optimize efficiency and affordability across the network.

  • Development of Inference Library (SDK) (phase 1): ChainGPT develops an Inference Library (SDK) designed to streamline the integration of AI models with the AIVM network. This SDK empowers developers to deploy and execute AI models on-chain, ensuring compatibility with ChainGPT’s decentralized infrastructure.

Q1-Q2, 2025: Phase 2

  • Development of Initial AIVM Base Network (phase 2): Building upon Phase 1, ChainGPT launches the foundational AIVM base network. This infrastructure provides the backbone for executing AI computations on-chain, emphasizing scalability, security, and interoperability with existing blockchain ecosystems.

  • CGPT Staking & Node Running Software (phase 2): ChainGPT introduces staking and node running software, enabling participants to secure and support the AIVM network. This initiative incentivizes network participation and contributes to its overall stability and decentralization.

  • AIVM Inference Feature (on-chain AI model execution, single node) (phase 2): Phase 2 includes the implementation of an on-chain AI model inference feature, initially supporting single-node executions. This capability enhances the efficiency and trustworthiness of AI inference tasks within the decentralized AIVM environment.

  • AIVM Decentralized GPU Support (phase 2): To optimize computational resources, ChainGPT integrates decentralized GPU support within the AIVM network. This feature democratizes access to high-performance computing for AI applications, promoting inclusivity and scalability.

  • Zero-knowledge-based consensus mechanism (phase 2): ChainGPT adopts a zero-knowledge-based consensus mechanism to enhance the privacy and security of AI computations on its blockchain. This innovative approach ensures confidentiality without compromising transparency, reinforcing trust in AIVM operations.

Q3-Q4, 2025: Phase 3

  • AIVM On-Chain AI Model Training (phase 3): Phase 3 introduces on-chain AI model training capabilities within the AIVM network. This milestone empowers developers to train complex AI models directly on a decentralized platform, facilitating collaborative innovation and advancing AI capabilities.

  • Reward Mechanism for GPU & Node Providers (phase 3): To incentivize network contributors, ChainGPT implements a reward mechanism for GPU and node providers. This initiative fosters a vibrant ecosystem of participants dedicated to maintaining the AIVM network’s integrity and performance.

  • AIVM Inference Feature (on-chain AI model execution, multiple nodes) (phase 3): Enhancing scalability, Phase 3 expands the on-chain AI model inference feature to support execution across multiple nodes. This advancement enables parallel processing of AI tasks, accommodating growing demand and complexity.

Q3-Q4, 2025: Phase 4

  • AIVM Testnet Release (phase 4): ChainGPT launches the AIVM Testnet, inviting developers and stakeholders to test and provide feedback on the network’s functionality and performance. This phase marks a crucial step towards preparing for the mainnet release.

  • Developers Hub & Documentation on How to Build on ChainGPT’s AIVM (phase 4): To support ecosystem growth, ChainGPT establishes a comprehensive Developers Hub and documentation repository. These resources provide guidelines, tools, and examples for building and deploying applications on the AIVM blockchain, fostering innovation and adoption.

  • Research Papers on ChainGPT’s AIVM (phase 4): ChainGPT publishes research papers detailing the technical innovations and theoretical foundations underpinning the AIVM blockchain. These papers contribute to broader academic discourse and knowledge sharing within the AI and blockchain communities.

  • Funding of Academic Research Teams for AIVM (phase 4): Recognizing the importance of research, ChainGPT allocates funding to academic research teams exploring advancements in AI and blockchain integration. This initiative aims to bridge theoretical insights with practical applications, driving continuous innovation.

  • AIVM Remix Web Edition (phase 4): ChainGPT introduces the AIVM Remix Web Edition, a user-friendly interface for exploring, remixing, and deploying AI models on the AIVM network. This tool democratizes access to AI technology, empowering developers of all skill levels to participate in the ecosystem.

  • Deployment of ChainGPT’s LLMs & TTIMs on ChainGPT AIVM (phase 4): Phase 4 includes the deployment of ChainGPT’s Large Language Models (LLMs) and Text-To-Image Models (TTIMs) on the AIVM blockchain. These advanced AI models enhance the platform’s capabilities, supporting diverse applications across industries.

  • Developer Feedback & Contribution Phase for Network Improvement (phase 4): ChainGPT invites developer feedback and contributions to iteratively improve the AIVM network. This collaborative approach ensures that the platform evolves to meet the dynamic needs of its users and stakeholders.

Q1, 2026: Phase 5 - Final

  • AIVM Mainnet Release (phase 5 - final phase): Phase 5 culminates in the mainnet release of the ChainGPT AIVM blockchain. This milestone marks the full-scale deployment of a robust, decentralized infrastructure capable of supporting a wide range of AI applications. The mainnet launch signifies ChainGPT’s commitment to advancing the intersection of AI and blockchain technology, driving innovation and adoption worldwide.

ChainGPT's AIVM represents a paradigm shift in decentralized AI, offering a secure, scalable, and transparent platform for deploying advanced AI models. As we continue to innovate and expand our ecosystem, we invite developers, enterprises, and AI enthusiasts to join us on this transformative journey toward a decentralized future of artificial intelligence.



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