🔛2024: Q3-Q4

Status: In Process

In the second half of 2024, ChainGPT will continue its innovation trajectory, further solidifying its role at the intersection of AI and blockchain technology. We plan to release cutting-edge applications and programs, including importing all our products. It will support our goal to position ChainGPT tech and community as the market leader.

The main milestone is the development of ChainGPT's AIVM Blockchain, the first AI Blockchain for on-chain AI models execution, training, and computing power provision.

More highlights include launching the ChainGPT mobile app for iOS and Android devices and introducing an AI bot on Twitter to provide quick and interactive responses. Significant upgrades are planned for the AI NFT Generator, including new text-to-image models and integration with Midjourney and DallE. The Crypto AI Hub will see expanded audit solutions, interactive token charts, and gamification features. Additionally, the ChainGPT Pad is set to undergo a major revamp with new functionalities and strategic integrations with blockchain networks such as ZKSync, CoreDAO, and Solana.

ChainGPT is also making strides in its AI-focused decentralized blockchain initiative, with progress in the AI Data Marketplace, GPU Computing Power Marketplace, and Inference Library SDK. These developments highlight ChainGPT's commitment to innovation and its goal of redefining AI's potential within the blockchain ecosystem.


General Ecosystem Updates:

AI NFT Generator:

Crypto AI Hub:


ChainGPT Pad V2:

ChainGPT Pad V3:

$CGPT Token:

ChainGPT AI Blockchain Network (AIVM)

To learn more about ChainGPT's AIVM roadmap, please visit the 2024-2025 AIVM initiative page by clicking below.

🔜2024-2025 AIVM Blockchain Initiative

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