Pretrained Language Model

Pre-trained language models are artificial intelligence schemes that utilize existing databases of knowledge to seed their operational/functional understandings.

Just as when a child is born, the language, culture, and upbringing that shape its worldview dictate the results in the capacity and development of that child.

The higher quality of initial input a child receives early on in life strongly impacts that childs capacity of achievement and social disposition later in life.

The same applies to AI machines when using pretrained language models; the information used to instantiate its knowledge base will shape the information it produces as well as the rate of its development and the kind of development it has

ChainGPT’s AI has seeded its model with enormous volumes of crypto, blockchain, and Web3 industry data. Therefore, by possessing deep domain expertise, ChainGPT’s AI will mature in tandem with the direction that is shaped by the greater industry. While it may be an absolute master of degen economics and distributed ledger technology, it would not be best suited as a resource for the manufacturing of clothing.


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