Incubation Program

Providing a structured and supportive environment for early-stage startups and entrepreneurs to nurture their ideas, develop their businesses, and accelerate their growth.

There are abundant opportunities for builders, founders, and entrepreneurs in the Web3 space. There are always problems that need to be solved, communities that need to be built, and information that needs to be shared.

One sector that stands out amongst the crowd is Artificial Intelligence.

Considered the holy grail of technological innovation, AI is the epicenter of exploration in computer science. Not long after the inception of computing, cybernetics caught the attention of intelligence agencies worldwide, and the road of artificial intelligence began to be paved (circa 1940s).

Fast forward some odd ~75 years, breakthroughs in distributed technologies, cloud computing, information theory, and data science, coupled with the algorithmic advancements in engineering, and we arrive at the state of an AI renaissance today.

At the forefront of the revolution, we find startups building novel solutions at the intersection of AI and Web3 to solve some of humanity's most significant problems.

ChainGPT is here to help these startups.

What is ChainGPT?

ChainGPT provides AI-related infrastructure to the Web3, Crypto, and blockchain industry. Using its architectural model built from scratch, ChainGPT has developed a sophisticated, domain-specific expert AI for application to all fundamental areas of the industry. From smart contract creation and auditing to NFT generation general education and everything in between.

Think of it as the ultimate Web3 assistant, a concierge with an ever-expanding database of knowledge that stays as fresh and recent on the state of the industry as the latest news.

What is the objective of ChainGPT?

The driving force behind ChainGPT is to provide support across all sectors of the Web3 economy for integrating AI into their systems.

What is the objective of the Incubation Program?

To bridge the knowledge gap, accelerate development, minimize potential errors, and compress the learning curve of launching successful Web3 companies.

Projects of all stages of their lifecycles are welcome. Early-stage MVPs, proof-of-concepts, those in their go-to-market phase and beyond; we're here to build life-long relationships.

What can we help with?

End-to-end guidance and support for every element of a project. Product Development Valuable insights and guidance on smart contract systems, covering their design, sustainability, implementation, and viability, ensuring your project's technical foundations are strong and resilient. Launch Strategy Advisory support to project teams, covering critical areas such as tokenomics, ensuring a well-planned token launch, defining listing strategies, and ensuring the overall success and sustainability of the project. Marketing Strategic, organized, and highly effective marketing methods to boost awareness of the project. With a deep understanding of the web3 audience, our team offers guidance on leveraging various communication channels to reach the target audience effectively. Visual Presence Focusing on enhancing project's image and recognition, ChainGPT helps with branding improvements to create a strong and memorable identity, including web-design enhancements and content guidance. Capital and Funding Tapping into our deep network of partners and VC investors, we help coordinate relationships to bootstrap projects with the necessary capital to realize the project’s visions. Operations Facilitating connections with experienced advisors who can help them bolster team's skills, reputation, and overall experience. Moreover, we also offer expert regulatory guidance, ensuring legal compliance. In complex legal matters, we have established connections with blockchain-specialized law firms to protect project's integrity and longevity. Partnerships Leveraging our extensive network and industry expertise, we can establish connections with strategic partners, facilitating growth and extending project’s reach. These partnerships may encompass collaborations with other blockchain projects, exchanges, launchpads, or Key Opinion Leaders, all of which contribute to the success of the project. Market Presence From listing on centralized exchanges (CEXs) to properly deploying asset liquidity pools on decentralized exchanges (DEXs), we streamline the often complex and time-consuming processes involved, allowing project to establish a strong market presence swiftly and efficiently, minimizing any unnecessary delays. User Acquisition Helping projects attract and expand their user base by providing guidance and strategies for effectively reaching and engaging with your target audience, whether it's through community building, marketing campaigns, or other user acquisition methods. IDO Crowdfunding Event on ChainGPT Pad If incubated projects opt for the Initial DEX Offering (IDO) route, they can conduct their public crowdfunding round through ChainGPT Pad. This streamlined process simplifies fundraising and ensures a secure and effective launch by introducing the token to a broader web3 audience.

How long does an incubation program last?

The ChainGPT Incubation Program provides a flexible time frame that can span anywhere from 6 to 24 months. This extended duration is a deliberate choice, allowing us to offer comprehensive support to projects not only before but also after their token launch. This means that our commitment to a project's success doesn't conclude with the initial token sale.


ChainGPT Incubation Program offers a comprehensive suite of services to support and empower blockchain and web3 projects. From advisory support and go-to market strategies to connections with strategic partners and other crucial guidance, our program is designed to facilitate success in the complex and rapidly evolving blockchain ecosystem. With a commitment to decentralization, innovation, and responsible growth, ChainGPT is here to help projects navigate challenges, build strong foundations, and reach their full potential in the web3 space.


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