Pricing & Membership Plans

Pricing Structure and Membership Plans for ChainGPT

3-Tier Membership System

ChainGPT has three memberships, each providing unique access to the suite of ChainGPT AI tools; every membership level requires users to have an account with ChainGPT.

Instantiating an account links any Web3 wallet (Metamask, Trust Wallet, Rainbow Wallet, etc.) to the ChainGPT application dashboard. When a wallet is connected, an account is created, and users can click the right of their screens to inspect their profiles.

1️⃣ Free Plan:

The entry-level membership contains the basic configuration of five functions granted to every account. To acquire the "Free" plan, users must connect their Web3 wallet.

Restricted from any advanced applications, the free plan provides limited access to the General AI model (chatbot), the news feed, the Ask Crypto People app, Single NFT Generation, and participation in the prompt marketplace.

2️⃣ PPP (Pay Per Prompt) Plan

Geared to a more sophisticated audience, plan two provides flexible, unlimited access to the entire ChainGPT application suite with no commitments required.

As the name might imply, the "PPP" plan is based on a dynamic demand model where users need access but are uncertain about how much access they need. Pay as you go only for what you need.

The pay-per-prompt plan offers total access to the entire application suite. Everything is available in the Free plan, plus the more advanced functions of Smart Contact auditing and generations, multi-NFT (collection) generation, the trading assistant, and API calls.

3️⃣ Freemium Plan

Unlocking the full spectrum of functionality with unlimited premium access and revolving monthly CGPTc balance refills.

To acquire the Freemium membership, users must stake $CGPT tokens and accumulate >200,000 CGPTsp (staking points). Once qualifying for the "Freemium" membership, users will also have their ecosystem tiers upgraded to Diamond and be imbued with the rights to submit proposals to the ChainGPT DAO for the community to vote on.

Once per month, members of the "Freemium" plan will have their accounts balanced with 20,000 CGPTc (ChainGPT credits). These credits may be used for whatever utilities the user desires, or they can just be left unused. They do not roll over, and balances are topped off to the 20,000 CGPTc level.

If you became Freemium in February and had your account filled to 20,000 CGPTc but only used 3,500, your account would be left with 16,500 at the start of March. In March, your account balance will update to 20,000 again. If you do not use the CGPTc, your balance will remain flat month-to-month.

Product Pricing 💸

Leveraging a maximally flexible pricing model to be as inclusive to as broad an audience as possible while reserving the more advanced services for users with higher demands, ChainGPT has adopted what it believes to be the most effective pricing structure for Web3 AI.

Generally speaking, there are two calibers of pricing: those that require nothing at all (Free) and those that need the consumption of CGPTc (Paid). Free Chatbot: Free News Model: Free Ask Crypto People:  Free NFT Generator (Single): Free Prompt Marketplace Access: Free Paid NFT Generator (Collection): 2 CGPTc / NFT Smart-Contract Auditor: 5 CGPTc / request Smart-Contract Generator: 1 CGPTc / request AI Trading Assistant: 1 CGPTc / request

To review the Membership pricing more in-depth or see the difference in offers provided to commercial/business clientele, please refer to the official pricing matrix available on our website at:



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