Getting Started


To install the SDK, follow the instructions, follow the steps below

  1. Create an application in Node.

  2. Open terminal in Linux-based operating system and command prompt in Windows.

  3. Run the following commands.

npm install --save @chaingpt/nft
# or
yarn add @chaingpt/nft


Credits System

Users must start by getting credits on the web app: These credits will allow users to create API keys and access SDK. Credits will be deducted from each request made using SDK.

Setup API Key

The ChainGPT API SDK uses API keys for authentication. In the Web app, Go to the SDK/ API module from the header menu, generate an API Key using the create secret key feature, and copy it.

Securing API Key:

  • It is crucial to secure your API keys to control access effectively.

  • Avoid exposing the API keys in your code or public repositories.

  • Store them in a secure location, and expose them to your application using environment variables or a secret management service.

  • This method ensures you do not need to hard-code them in your codebase, enhancing security.


On sending each API request for NFT generation, 2 Credits will be deducted from the user account in WebApp.

Users can monitor and manage their credit usage via the Webapp, aligning with ChainGPT's user-centric approach to accessibility and transparency in service provision.

For additional details or to manage your credits, users should visit the ChainGPT Webapp.


For additional assistance, refer to Discord -


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