ChainGPT Labs

ChainGPT Labs is the new venture capital and incubation arm of ChainGPT, dedicated to accelerating the growth and success of pioneering Web3 projects.

The mission of ChainGPT Labs is to provide comprehensive support to innovative ventures from conception to market launch, leveraging extensive expertise and resources to ensure their success. Apply today using this link.

Venture Capital Investment and Funding Opportunities

ChainGPT Labs operates as a venture capital entity, offering the following funding opportunities:

  • Investments ranging from $100k to $400k.

  • Additional lines of credit between $100k and $200k to accommodate varying project needs.

This funding initiative extends beyond the incubation and acceleration programs, embracing a broader scope of promising Web3 ventures.

Strategic Guidance and Marketing Expertise

The team at ChainGPT Labs provides intensive guidance and support to Web3 projects, including:

  • Weekly meetings (1-2 times) to develop robust market strategies, optimize token economics, and enhance outreach efforts.

  • Marketing investments of $50k to $150k during the incubation phase, covering:

    • Social media strategies

    • Rebranding

    • Website development

    • Content creation

    • Influential partnerships

Comprehensive Incubation and Acceleration Programs

ChainGPT Labs offers a 12-24 month incubation and acceleration program that includes:

Tokenomics and Branding

  • Crafting strategies for market entry and ongoing growth.

  • Branding and web design services.

PR and Marketing

  • Managing comprehensive PR strategies.

  • Advertising across various platforms.

Fundraising and Community Management

  • Overseeing fundraising activities.

  • Managing community interactions on platforms like Telegram and Discord.

Business Development

  • Assisting in developing key partnerships.

  • Navigating exchange listings.

Growth and Advisory

  • Offering continuous advisory support.

  • Strategy development to ensure sustained success post-launch.

Distinguished Leadership Team

ChainGPT Labs is led by a dedicated and experienced team:

  • Ilan Rakhmanov and Ariel Asafov, Co-Heads of Incubations

  • Vlad Fila, Head of Administration

  • Tomer Warschauer Nuni, Head of Investments

  • Gintare Kairyte, VC Network Manager

  • Nick Van Der Kolk, Ads & Marketing Manager

Proven Track Record with Diverse Projects

ChainGPT Labs has successfully supported a variety of projects, including:

Each project benefits from tailored support and strategic guidance aimed at fostering long-term success and innovation in the Web3 space. Apply today using this link.

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