Claim & Refund Guide

A quick guide to understanding the claiming and refunding process post IDO.

After an IDO on the ChainGPT Pad is completed, a cooldown period lasts until the TGE. As soon as the TGE begins, the cooldown is over, and users will have two options unlocked in their dashboards:

Option #1: Claim Tokens Option #2: Request a Refund


As soon as you select “Claim Tokens”, the dashboard will show a green checkmark on the right-hand side under the “Schedule” section. Once the checkmark appears, the refund option on the bottom will show a red cross and state, "you have already claimed TOKEN; you are not eligible to request a refund.

💡 Reminder: By claiming tokens, you will forgo the ability to refund your allocation.


If you select the “Request Refund” option in the bottom section, the dashboard will immediately remove your alternative “Claim” option and confirm that your refund has been submitted.

Submitted requests will provide the status of “Refund Requested” in yellow characters in the refund section, as well as the time of the request and the approximate time the refund will become available.

💡 Reminder: Refund requests require a processing time of up to 24 hours after initiation.

Once the request is processed, you must return to the IDO page and verify that it has been processed.

As soon as the Refund section at the lower portion of the dashboard changes to green text by the status, you will collect your funds into the wallet you used to participate.



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