Introduction & Overview

What is CGPT Pad?

The ChainGPT Pad is a Launchpad and IDO platform for Web3 projects that are looking to bring their ideas into the public domain and bootstrap their token ecosystems.

How does it work?

As a launchpad, ChainGPT Pad services two sides of the market: the "consumers {participants}" and the "producers {projects}.

Projects apply to the ChainGPT Pad by going through a rigorous qualitative analysis process conducted by the ChainGPT team. Depending on these projects' level of sophistication and ability to satisfy a diverse range of assessment criteria (such as product-market fit, concept viability, team aptitude, and so on), their inclusion will be deduced.

If a project does not meet the threshold, it will not be allowed to list on ChainGPT Pad.

Induction into the launchpad has two paths, either through a direct listing or through the incubation/acceleration program.

Projects are not required to be part of the incubator/accelerator program. The IDO platform is open to any projects that satisfy the qualitative evaluations.

Direct listings mean that projects do not participate in the incubation/acceleration programs and are exclusively listing to host an IDO directly to the $CGPT community.

Projects that follow the incubation/acceleration process, where the teams are guided by the ChainGPT Mentorship group, followed by a coming-to-market via IDO, will receive a multitude of benefits, including co-marketing and community cross-pollination.

Incubation can range anywhere from 12–18 months and includes a preparation stage, a launching stage, and a post-launch support stage. During preparation, the mentor group organizes the internal process, optimizes product systems, and helps projects evaluate their roadmaps/action plans. During the launch (whenever the IDO is being held), they help with promotions and social coordination. Post-launch, ChainGPT provides advisory support to help project course-correct and deal with the nuances that come with having products live on the market.

Acceleration is a condensed version of the incubation that is executed within 3–4 months. This option is best suited for well-developed teams that need a very specific, limited scope of support.

How does the IDO work?

Whenever projects are ready to list on the platform and launch their token ecosystems, ChainGPT will help them prepare a campaign and connect them to the $CGPT community. After the specifications have been finalized, token supply, market rate, sale duration, etc., the project will be listed with a countdown to open.

The IDO will be announced via social channels and news outlet press releases, followed by the two-round opening process.‍

What role does $CGPT play?

$CGPT acts as the tool to facilitate community involvement in the bootstrapping of projects, an extra layer of a reward system for incentivizing membership. Providing alpha access to IDO participation, Airdrops, and more, $CGPT community members that stake the threshold amounts of $CGPT tokens become able to obtain exclusive benefits that startup projects provide to their earliest contributors.

How to Participate as an Investor:

In order to participate in the IDOs hosted on ChainGPT Pad, users are required to satisfy two simple criteria:

1) Complete KYC with our partners, Blockpass: KYC Here. 2) Stake $CGPT to accumulate enough points and attain a tier status: Stake Here.

KYC must be passed in order to participate.


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