Register Interest

Signaling Intentions to participate in ChainGPT Pad IDOs

The IDO process for participants of the ChainGPT Pad consists of two rounds: a Guaranteed round and an FCFS round.

Available exclusively to the top three tier levels (Silver, Gold, and Diamond) that have accumulated enough CGPTsp by staking $CGPT tokens, being able to secure a position in the guaranteed round is only available to those members who indicate their desire to participate by signaling their intentions through the “Register Interest” function that can be seen on every listing in the “Upcoming” section.

Before users can activate this right and unlock this function, they must complete the two preliminary entry steps:

1) Pass the KYC process with our partner, Blockpass. Submit here ChainGPT Pad KYC. 2) Stake $CGPT tokens into the pools and acquire points for their tier Staking here ChaingGPT Pad Staking

After these two basic introductory steps are completed, users become qualified to participate; those that acquire Silver status and higher will automatically have the Register interest function unlock.

Being admitted into the Guaranteed allocation requires that a user register their interest; otherwise, they will not be able to participate in that round.

The ability to “register interest” becomes available at least a week before an IDO launch, giving users ample time to submit their intentions. In the majority of cases, the option will be available until the last 24/48 hours before launch. (Exact dates will vary and be easily available for users to inspect).

Users who do not meet the criteria for tier inclusion (Bronze tier) or do not register their interest on time are still given access to the IDO during the FCFS — First Come First Serve public round, which is not always sure to be available after the Guaranteed round.

*Occasionally, Bronze tier level users will be able to earn themselves priority inclusion into the Guaranteed Allocation round based on the completion of social campaigns.

**Note** Registration of interest is an option, not an obligation. If users do not take advantage of their locked position, they forgo their opportunity to participate in that round.



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