Our Unique Language Models (LLMs):

  1. General Web3 (LLM): Our General Web3 LLM is a versatile language model tailored for comprehensive research, information retrieval, market analysis, and on-chain data exploration within the Web3, Blockchain, and Crypto space. Continuously updated through our unique scraping engine, it compiles data from the internet and various blockchains, training the model regularly. Additionally, it gathers real-time information from the web, on-chain data, exchange metrics, crypto prices, news, and more, enhancing its accuracy and relevance.

  2. Technical Analysis (LLM): Our Technical Analysis LLM is a mathematical model finely tuned for chart analysis and various technical analysis methodologies. Users can easily identify chart patterns, make predictions, and harness the full power of technical analysis. It stands as a pioneer in the realm of accurate technical analysis models.

  3. Solidity Smart-Contracts (LLM): The Solidity Smart-Contracts LLM is a specialized model designed exclusively for coding and auditing Solidity smart-contracts. Unprecedented in its capabilities, it boasts training on every contract deployed on major EVM chains, extensive internet information, GitHub repositories, and best practices from leading organizations like Ethereum and OpenZeppelin. With meticulous data cleaning and curation, only high-quality, reliable smart contracts contribute to its training, enabling the generation of exceptional smart contracts.

  4. News & Market Analysis (LLM): Our News & Market Analysis LLM excels at crafting concise, content-rich news articles that prioritize substance and reader value over traditional SEO-focused content. It employs a unique engine to scan the internet for the latest developments in Web3, Crypto, and Blockchain, providing real-time coverage of events. This LLM is integrated with our News Feed at https://app.chaingpt.org/news and offers seamless integration via API and SDK for other companies. It collaborates with the "News Article Banner Generator" Text-to-Image Model (TTIM), producing visually appealing illustrations related to its articles.

Our Unique Text-To-Image Models (TTIM):

  1. AI NFT Generator (TTIM): Our AI NFT Generator TTIM empowers the creation of captivating and unique NFT artwork, enriching the world of non-fungible tokens with creativity and innovation.

  2. News Article Banner Generator (TTIM): Our News Article Banner Generator TTIM enhances news articles by generating visually stunning illustrations, elevating the overall reading experience and aesthetic appeal of content.

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