The RE:BOT NFT collection stands as a distinctive set of 10,000 NFTs intricately woven into the fabric of the ChainGPT ecosystem. These NFTs not only offer users a myriad of benefits within the ecosystem but also bestow upon them exclusive privileges. This remarkable NFT collection was one of the three hidden gems in our roadmap, and it proudly takes the lead as the first to be unveiled. While the exact release dates of the RE:BOT collection remain shrouded in mystery, we are committed to updating this documentation page as soon as more information becomes available to the public.

The Art:

At the heart of this collection lies a profound inspiration drawn from the charismatic ChainGPT Mascot Robot. Guiding the artistic vision behind these NFTs is our esteemed senior lead designer, Ilya, whose creative brilliance breathes life into this captivating artwork.

The Unique and Beautiful 10,000 NFTs Collection:

Within this captivating collection of 10,000 NFTs, each piece is a testament to creativity and uniqueness. Here, you will discover an array of traits, rarities, and the use of exquisite materials, all meticulously crafted to capture the essence of the ChainGPT Mascot.

Body Materials:

  • White Plastic: Reflecting purity and simplicity, this material embodies the essence of minimalism.

  • Black Plastic: Embracing elegance and mystery, black plastic exudes sophistication.

  • Silver / Titanium: A symbol of strength and durability, silver and titanium bring a touch of resilience to the collection.

  • Gold: Radiating opulence and prestige, gold represents the epitome of luxury.

NFT Collection Distribution:

Stay tuned for more information about the distribution of the RE:BOT NFT collection, as we are excited to unveil further details in the near future. These NFTs are not just digital art but gateways to an enhanced ChainGPT experience, offering their holders an array of privileges within our ecosystem.

The RE:BOT NFT collection is a testament to our commitment to innovation and creativity, and we can't wait to share more about this remarkable addition to the ChainGPT family with our community. Stay tuned for updates on how you can join this exciting journey.


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