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$1M Web3 AI Grant Program

"Accelerate Your Web3 Venture with ChainGPT‘s Strategic AI Grant Support"

About ChainGPT

ChainGPT is an advanced AI infrastructure that develops AI-powered technologies for the Web3, Blockchain, and Crypto space. We aim to improve the Web3 space for retail users & startups by developing AI-powered solutions designed explicitly for Web3. From LLMs to Web3 AI Tools, ChainGPT is the go-to place to boost your Web3 flow with Artificial Intelligence.

To further empower innovation, we've committed $1 million to our grant program, supporting projects that leverage AI to advance the Web3 space.

Grant Mission

Backing innovators in AI and blockchain.

Scope - AI X Blockchain:

Chatbot, Trading tools, Dev tooling, NFT marketplace, community tooling, integration to ChainGPT, AI-tech research.

What do we support

  • Innovative projects backed by solid tech teams with creative ideas that harness the power of AI x Blockchain.

  • Projects that expand the capabilities of the ChainGPT ecosystem, community, and products.

  • Web3 and blockchain communities strive to boost their engagement through AI capabilities.

  • AI x Web3 researchers exploring cutting-edge technologies.

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