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Grant Support

How We Support

The ChainGPT Grant Program is designed to support developers and teams working at the nexus of AI and blockchain. Offering Builder, Growth, and Research Grants, we aim to back projects from early MVP stages to established ventures looking to integrate or expand with ChainGPT.

Our support includes funding, promotion, technical assistance, and potential partnership opportunities, targeting projects with clear goals and time-sensitive execution plans.

Grant Tiers

  1. Growth Grants ($10K - $50K): Designed for projects that already have some traction and are looking to:

    • Integrate with ChainGPT.

    • Enhance their product offerings with top-notch AI capabilities.

    • Join ChainGPT acceleration and incubation programs.

  2. Builder Grants (up to $10K): Aimed at early-stage projects focused on creating a minimum viable product (MVP), proof of concept, or experiments. It's especially suited for projects that are:

    • Testing integration with ChainGPT.

    • Time-sensitive with a small scope for execution.

    • Aimed at growing communities looking to offer AI products to their memebers.

  3. Research Grants ($1K - $5K): For teams conducting research at the intersection of AI and blockchain who need financial support.

Forms of Support

  • Financial: In the form of USDT and ChainGPT API Credits to use all our AI and SDK/API products.

  • Promotional: Including promotion on social media and co-marketing efforts.

  • Technical: Offering tech support to integrate with or build on ChainGPT.

  • Partnership: The opportunity for an official collaboration with ChainGPT.

Ineligibility Criteria

Projects will not be eligible for these grants if they:

  • Are led by teams with limited experience in technology, blockchain, and AI.

  • Propose ideas or projects that are illegal within the jurisdiction of their operation.

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