ChainGPT Foundation


Welcome to the ChainGPT Foundation, where we house three innovative companies: ChainGPT AI, ChainGPT Pad, and ChainGPT Labs.

Our Vision:

At ChainGPT Foundation, we envision a future where advanced AI technologies power the decentralized Web3, blockchain, and crypto landscapes, making these technologies accessible, efficient, and user-friendly for everyone.


A leading provider of AI-powered infrastructure for the crypto, blockchain, and Web3 industries. It offers automated smart contract generation and auditing solutions, autonomous community management, advanced Web3 AI chatbots, AI-powered news aggregation, and NFT generation to improve the Web3 space for retail users and startups.

ChainGPT Pad

A platform designed to support promising Web3 projects that want to introduce tokens into their ecosystems and launch them via IDOs. It provides comprehensive support to ensure project success.

ChainGPT Labs

It offers extensive support to emerging Web3 projects, with investments ranging from $100k to $400k. It also provides strategic guidance, marketing expertise, and hands-on involvement, including incubation and an acceleration program.

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