IV. CGPT Utility Token

🔥 ChainGPT token was listed on ByBit, Bitget, Gateio, MEXC, and PancakeSwap, on April 10th at noon UTC.

Introduction to ChainGPT Token

Contract Address: (Certik Audit) (Hacken Audit) 0x9840652DC04fb9db2C43853633f0F62BE6f00f98
ChainGPT Token ($CGPT) is the backbone of the ChainGPT ecosystem. It is the medium of exchange that individuals and businesses must use to access the advanced AI model that powers the ecosystem. In addition, the token offers a variety of benefits to its holders, making it a valuable asset for those looking to participate in the future of AI in the crypto and blockchain space. For example, CGPT will give holders & stakers access to the DAO system (proposal casting & voting).

Key Features

Access The ChainGPT AI Model
The main purpose of $CGPT is to provide access to the ChainGPT AI Model and all the utilities and tools powered by this model. Users can access our AI tools by paying per-prompt, or for free by staking CGPT tokens. Businesses are charged for each API call with $CGPT tokens.
DAO Access & Voting
Participate in the ChainGPT DAO system with $CGPT tokens. By staking your $CGPT, you'll gain voting power within the DAO, enabling you to create proposals and help shape the ecosystem. Additionally, via proposals holders get to choose how to allocate the DAO fund, and influence the future of ChainGPT. Join us in making a difference.
Staking & Farming Opportunities
The ChainGPT ecosystem offers various staking and farming opportunities to $CGPT holders. Staking is a process that allows holders to lock up their tokens in exchange for access to the AI model, while farming involves earning rewards in $CGPT for providing liquidity to certain pools. (Staking:
Burn Mechanism
Half of all the fees and profits collected by the ChainGPT tools & utilities within the ecosystem are burned, decreasing the circulating supply of $CGPT, and the other half is used for the growth and sustainability of the ChainGPT organization.
Liquidity Providing
Thanks to the promising solutions that the various ChainGPT AI utilities have to offer, users of those tools will be required to purchase $CGPT tokens in order to gain access to those tools. As a holder of $CGPT tokens, you get access to provide liquidity on Decentralized Exchanges, and earn % of each swap on those exchanges.
$CGPT is an essential component of the ChainGPT ecosystem, providing individuals and businesses access to the advanced AI model and various benefits and opportunities. So whether you are a crypto or blockchain enthusiast or simply looking to invest in the future of AI, $CGPT is a token worth considering.

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DISCLAIMER: The information contained in our whitepaper and roadmap is provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as financial advice or an inducement to purchase our utility token, $CGPT, for any purpose other than to interact with the ChainGPT AI bot, which is available at the time of the token sale. $CGPT is intended solely for use within the ChainGPT AI ecosystem, and we make no representations or warranties regarding the value, security, or suitability of $CGPT for any other purpose. We strongly encourage you to conduct due diligence and seek professional advice before making investment decisions. By accessing our whitepaper, website, and roadmap, you agree to release and hold us and our affiliates harmless from any liability for using the information contained therein. In addition, read our Agreement for Sale of Tokens.