AI Generated News

The Automated AI News Module


Built from scratch, ChainGPT has developed an advanced algorithm for an automated feed of Intelligently Sourced, organized, and presented Information on demand in real-time.

News is the informational lifeblood for the propagation of fundamental information.

They are arguably the most controversial, biased sectors in those industries. Considering that crypto, blockchain, and Web3 is already notorious for their unorthodox 24-hour markets and endless floods of information that change multiple times intra-day, news in Web3 has been among the most difficult to organize clearly.

Staying updated requires intellectual gymnastics and exerting excessive efforts that drain people’s cognitive capacities, making it difficult to decipher the noise from the key points of value. That is precisely why ChainGPT has developed an AI-powered algorithm and service that takes news within our nascent industry to new heights.

  • No more mindless scrolling through social media in search of answers.

  • No more bookmarking 1,000 different sites.

  • No more authorship or publication biases.

  • No more confusion on what to focus on.

  • Just the facts.

It is with tremendous pleasure that we introduce to you

The ChainGPT Automated AI News

Searching the far corners of cyberspace for breaking news from Crypto/Web3’s trusted news outlets such as Decrypt, CoinDesk, and CoinTelegraph (among many others), the ChainGPT AI News agent understands that news breaks beyond just headlines and cross-references it with social confirmation signals from platforms like Twitter.

Once the most critical information has been aggregated, the AI new agent ingests it all, reading every single article to decipher what is consistently true across all sources, extrapolates the most valuable nuggets, and writes up succinct summarizations highlighting only what the reader stands to gain the most benefits from while truncating all excess fluff.

One of the key breakthroughs in the automated AI news agents here is the removal of dependence on human intervention. Humans always have an angle, a point of view, and an underlying agenda. AI does what the algorithm specifies. ChainGPT has devised a sophisticated self-checking system for the newsagent that guarantees the newsfeed's accuracy.

Key Benefits

  • Scrapes & learns about things around the internet in real-time.

  • Summarizations with a focus on key value points

  • Removal of excesses

  • Minimization of human bias


The automated AI news agent’s applications can be drawn directly to the audience and use cases to which it caters to.

Use Cases: → Community module that automatically gives members the freshest info → Daily news release as a media agency → Interactive guide for trading

Live Implementation

There are already two interfaces with different parameters to express the potential variances in applying the ChainGPT automated AI newsfeed.

First and foremost, on the official V1 dashboard, we set a version for a once-a-day, everyday posting to provide a snapshot of the entire market at 8:00 AM UTC that you can check out here:

Second, given that the AI news modules is a part of the overall ChainGPT AI model, the chatbot has an unlimited live pulse on the market that can be provided by simply talking with it in the:

Official V1 application interface here: Our telegram group is here:

Adding the chatbot to your community telegram or discord group will automatically give your members live news at their fingertips. If you are interested, please reach out to us directly through our official telegram chat or via the contact us section directly on our website here.



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