AI NFT Generator

ChainGPT's Artificially Intelligent Non-Fungible Token Generator

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AI NFT Generator

Generative Art has become the frontier of self-expression, inviting a radical new category of creatives into the digital asset industry.

ChainGPT has developed a generative AI model that's neatly nestled into an intuitive user interface that maximizes creative process flexibility. Read ahead to learn more!


NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) have revolutionized the world of on-chain art, enabling artists, communities, and businesses to create and monetize unique digital assets. However, the traditional process of manually creating NFT collections can be time-consuming, expensive, and challenging.

The ChainGPT AI NFT Generator aims to simplify and streamline this process by leveraging cutting-edge AI technology.

Following recent updates, the platform now supports a variety of crypto payments, provides direct marketplace functionalities, and is integrated with multiple blockchain networks to enhance your digital art creation and sales experience.


  • Simple and intuitive user interface

  • High-fidelity image generation

  • Fast processing time (30–60 seconds)

  • Two generation options: Single NFT and Collection

  • Customizable and descriptive prompts for accurate outcomes

  • Affordable pricing structure

Advanced Features

  • Crypto Payments (USDT, USDC, BTCB, ETH, and BNB)

  • Marketplace (Sell and Purchase NFTs)

  • Community Leaderboard

  • New Chain Integrations (Polygon, Scroll, Arbitrum, and Mantle)

Getting Started

To begin using the ChainGPT AI NFT Generator, follow these steps:

  1. Provide a text prompt that describes the desired NFT image.

  2. Wait for the AI model to generate the image (typically 30–60 seconds).

  3. Review the generated image and either approve and mint it or regenerate a new image.

That's it! You can create unique and captivating NFTs with just a few simple steps.

Marketplace Features


Our integrated marketplace is your one-stop hub for all NFT activities, designed to make buying, selling, and exploring digital art as seamless as possible. This centralized platform enhances creators' visibility and ensures buyers have access to a wealth of options and detailed information.

Selling NFTs

  • Direct Listing from Minting Screen: Immediately after minting your NFT, it can be listed for sale directly from the minting interface. This feature streamlines the process of transferring your digital artwork from creation to sale without navigating away from the page.

  • Visibility and Accessibility: Each listed NFT is prominently displayed to attract potential buyers, increasing the chances of sale due to higher marketplace traffic and engagement.

Buying NFTs

  • Comprehensive Search and Filters: Buyers can easily search for NFTs using keywords, categories, or custom filters such as price range, date added, and popularity. This helps find the perfect NFTs that meet specific interests or investment criteria.

  • Detailed NFT View: Each NFT listing includes high-resolution images, creator details, price history, and previous transaction records. This transparency aids buyers in making informed decisions based on detailed background and historical data.

Marketplace Hub

  • Favorites and Watchlist: Users can mark NFTs as favorites and add them to a watchlist. This allows them to keep track of interested pieces and receive notifications on updates like price changes or special offers.

  • Transaction History: A full transaction history is available for each NFT, providing a transparent record of its ownership and sales timeline and enhancing buyer and seller trust.

Generation Options

The ChainGPT AI NFT Generator offers two distinct formats for generating NFTs:

Option 1: Single NFT

This option is best suited for results that require individual, specific attention. Whether you are an artist expressing your thoughts or a business needing abstract imagery, the Single NFT generator can cater to complex demands and deliver high-quality results.

Option 2: Collection

The Collection option is optimized for use cases that require large batches of unique art. Prominent applications include ticketing and community building. Rather than mass-printing redundant copies of tickets, you can provide your audience with distinguishable designs for their tickets. When building communities, generating collections from a single prompt ensures a visual bond that unites all members under the same principle.

  • Collection size varies with a maximum cap of 10,000 images per request.


The ChainGPT AI NFT Generator complements abstract thinking and brings arbitrary concepts to life. There is no hardcoded universal framework for perfect prompting; the best prompts produce the desired results. However, providing accurate and descriptive prompts generally leads to more accurate outcomes.

Prompts can range from concrete and straightforward examples like "White Rhino In Space" to more abstract ones like "Obsidian God Wearing Jewelry in a Mansion." Feel free to experiment and explore the generator to understand how it interprets your ideas.

  • Spelling and grammar: Don't worry, the ChainGPT AI model is advanced and can comprehend linguistic nuances.


To ensure accessibility, the ChainGPT AI NFT Generator has been designed with a cost structure that is significantly more affordable than traditional methods. Here are the current pricing details:

  • Prototype (free for a limited time):

  • Users: 0.1 $CGPT per request

  • Stakers: 10,000 $CGPT staked = unlimited use

  • Business: 0.1 $CGPT per API call

Security Features

We've implemented enhanced platform security with reCAPTCHA, verifying user interactions to prevent spam and malicious activities. Our security measures are designed to protect both creators and buyers, ensuring a trustworthy environment.

To maintain community standards and ensure a safe platform environment, administrators have the ability to block specific AI NFT collections or wallet addresses.


The ChainGPT AI NFT Generator's outcomes depend on the creativity of the prompter. While the AI model is powerful, the quality and relevance of the generated images can vary based on the prompts provided. Feel free to try it out and explore the possibilities for yourself.

Please note that free access to the prototype is available for a limited time only. Visit now to experience the transformative power of the ChainGPT AI NFT Generator. For any further assistance or inquiries, please contact our support team at Thank you for choosing the ChainGPT AI NFT Generator!

For Prompt ideas, check out the ChainGPT Prompt Marketplace available in the Dapp dashboard: or view the "all NFTs" tab in to get some inspiration from community creations



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