Incubation Case Study: DexCheck

DexCheck stands out as a remarkable success story. The vision, mission, and team driving DexCheck have been truly inspiring, prompting us to provide full support as they embark on their journey.

What is DexCheck?

Dexcheck is an AI-powered analytics platform and trading tool for blockchain-based assets. Every form of on-chain data, from cryptocurrencies and token pools, to NFTs and DEX trading volume the DexCheck platform is augmenting traditional research processes of analyzing information with machine learning. Additionally, DexCheck employs social intelligence functionality for evaluating sentiment and tracking capital flows known as “smart-money”. Intuitively packaged into a user-friendly interface, the platform acts as the ultimate assistant for traders and investors in their strategic decision-making.

What support ChainGPT has provided for DexCheck?

Being such a young industry, the crypto, blockchain, and Web3 space is notorious for its breakneck speed of evolution. In order to cater to the needs of the burgeoning digital economy it is quintessential that early stage projects develop nimble roadmaps and have intelligent contingency plans for maneuvering their product and communities. ChainGPT is providing guidance across every fundamental element vector of the crypto and blockchain industry.

With the dynamic database of ChainGPT’s AI, we were able to provide DexCheck with infrastructure for their products and develop agile iteration methods to make sure they are always ahead of their competition.

Through our extensive network of partners, we were building relationships for integrations and sourcing funding for DexCheck. From decentralized service providers to some of the worlds leading exchange platforms, major market actors were being informed about DexChecks validity and opening their doors for cooperation.

Leveraging our vibrant community, we were pollinating their social platforms by driving attention. Simultaneously, we were helping them establish community guidelines and organize their management systems to attract and retain users.


  • IDO participants: 1,550 token buyers via ChainGPT Pad;

  • Funds raised via ChainGPT Pad IDO: $200,000;

  • Funds raised via partner VCs: $1,000,000+;

  • TGE results: ATH 10x;

  • Community growth by: Twitter: Before - 20,000 followers, After - 175,000 followers Telegram Chat: Before - 7,000 subscribers, After - 82,000 subscribers Telegram News: Before - 6,000 subscribers, After - 56,000 subscribers Telegram CIS: Before - 800 subscribers, After - 23,000 subscribers Telegram Turkish: Before - 170 subscribers, After - 2,300 subscribers Telegram Vietnamese: Before - 1,600 subscribers, After - 17,000 subscribers Telegram Chinese: Before - 500 subscribers, After - 6,900 subscribers Telegram Korean: Before - 1,000 subscribers, After - 19,000 subscribers YouTube: Before - 0 subscribers, After - 6,000 subscribers Instagram: Before - 2,000 followers, After - 18,000 followers

  • Launching on reputable pads: ChainGPT Pad, Seedify, Poolz, EnjinStarter, Decubate.

  • Listing on Centralized Exchanges (CEX): Kucoin, Gate, BitGet, and MEXC.

  • Tokenomics: adjusted to market segment and project goals.

  • Visual presence improvements:

  • Partner connections: BNB Chain, Kairon Labs, Kyber, ApeSwap, Thena, BiSwap, KCC, OKX Chain, Castrum, Unicrypt, GoPlus, Spicy Capital, FounderHeads, Ferrum, Decubate, Seedify, Star Protocol, Coinvestor, BitPanda, Baby Doge, zkSync, Laika AI, AITech, TaskOn, SpaceID, DotBit, ChainPort, PancakeSwap, AirNFTs, V3 Games, Fincake, chappyz, DCT, Metaverse, Openfabric, omnia, caduceus, Cryptomeda, HyperGPT, Open World, X-Metaverse, Polygon, Vauld, Cryptoiz, GameBoy, Karmaverse, Coveo Qubit, Samurai Versus,iGAMES, Acacia Digital, Indacoin, Born To Die, EDSX, Crowdcreate, Goldfingr, Brandless PH, ELLIPAL, Carbon, Mises, Plena, Assetux, certik, Synthswap, LFGSwap, NeoCortex AI, UNCX Network, CURATE, TrustFi, SPACE ID, OKT Chain, Landshare, Bitquery, KuCoin, DxSale Network, Bitgert, HorizonDEX, Base, Cronos, Fantom, AVStar, Herd Ventures.

Review by DexCheck

ChainGPT has been a cornerstone in our journey, offering invaluable guidance across multiple aspects. Their expertise in go-to-market strategy and fundraising set us on a path for success, and the support we received on our launch day was second to none.

Their robust VC network of partners and connections were particularly helpful, allowing us to complete our fundraising stage fully, even during challenging bear market conditions.

The ChainGPT team has been an ideal partner, exemplifying professionalism and skill at every turn. Their collaborative approach complemented our efforts and made the whole process seamless.

Special mention must go to Ilan, the CEO of ChainGPT. His leadership, kindness, and positivity have not only motivated us but instilled a sense of purpose and direction that has been invaluable.

I can't thank ChainGPT team and Ilan enough for their steadfast support. Our successful token launch is a direct result of the robust ecosystem they've created, and we wholeheartedly recommend their incubator program to any aspiring projects.

— Raph, DexCheck CEO

Note by ChainGPT

DexCheck was the first project tapping into the ChainGPT's extensive mentorship network of successful entrepreneurs and business leaders within Web3 that provided all of the necessary infrastructure for them to maximize their presence and come to market with an impact.

DexCheck Resources

General: Website Docs: Whitepaper | PitchDeck | Tokenomics Social Media: Twitter | Telegram | Medium


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