ChainGPT AI is the leading provider of AI-powered infrastructure for the crypto, blockchain, and Web3 industries. As a one-stop-shop Crypto AI hub, ChainGPT offers solutions ranging from automated smart contract generation and auditing to autonomous community management, advanced Web3 AI chatbots, AI-powered news aggregation, and NFT generation. Our mission is to enhance the Web3 space for retail users and startups with sophisticated, end-to-end AI solutions.

Key Solutions

  • AI Chatbot: Automated support for Telegram and Web.

  • AI NFT Generator: Seamless creation of NFTs.

  • AI-Generated News: Curated news powered by AI.

  • Smart Contracts Generator & Auditor: Efficient creation and auditing of smart contracts.

  • AI Trading Assistant: Intelligent trading support.

  • AI Cross-Chain Swap enhances liquidity, reduces slippage, and enables seamless trading across 20+ blockchains..

  • Security Extension (CryptoGuard): Enhanced security for crypto assets.

  • B2B Offerings: Customized LLMs, API, SDK, and white label solutions.

$CGPT Utility Token

The $CGPT token powers our ecosystem, offering DAO voting, staking, access to AI tools, and more. A unique burn mechanism ensures 50% of all AI revenue is used to buy and burn $CGPT.

Quick Stats

  • $50m+ TVL (CGPT Staked)

  • 250k+ Monthly Active Users

  • 1m-3m+ Monthly Web Visitors

  • 60,000+ $CGPT Token Holders

  • $7m-$20m in Avg Daily Trading Volume

  • Listed on Top Exchanges: ByBit, KuCoin, HTX, Gate, and more.

  • Supported by industry leaders such as Google, NVIDIA, BNB, Tron, and others.

  • Partnered with 85+ Leading Web3 Companies

What's Next?

Explore current roadmap and upcoming initiatives for 2024-2025.

To learn more about our products: AI Tools and Applications

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