ChainGPT Pad


It is a platform for incubating promising projects looking to introduce a token into their ecosystems and launch them via IDOs.

How It Works

ChainGPT Pad serves both participants and projects. The ChainGPT team rigorously analyzes projects to ensure they meet product-market fit, concept viability, and team aptitude criteria. Projects that pass the evaluation can join the platform through direct listing or the incubation/acceleration program.

Key Features

  • Dual Market Service: Supports both project teams and participants.

  • Rigorous Evaluation: Projects undergo thorough qualitative analysis to ensure viability.

  • Incubation & Acceleration: Offers direct listing or guided support through mentorship programs.

  • Comprehensive Support: From preparation and launch to post-launch advisory.

  • Community Engagement: Facilitates involvement with the $CGPT token, providing exclusive benefits for stakers.

Our Ecosystem

  • Large Community: Over 2M followers and 25,000 KYC’ed users.

  • Expert Advisory: Guidance from an experienced team.

  • Robust Network: Access to over 200 partners and investors.

  • Effective Marketing: Visibility through ads, social media, AMAs, and KOLs.

  • Top-Ranked Platform: Recognized as a leading launchpad in the market.


  • Incubation Support: Comprehensive support including internal process organization, product optimization, roadmap evaluation, promotion, and social coordination.

  • Post-Launch Advisory: Ongoing advisory support to help projects navigate market challenges.

ChainGPT Pad is committed to ensuring that projects have the resources and guidance to launch and grow successfully in the Web3 space.

What's Next?

Explore current roadmap and upcoming initiatives for 2024-2025.

To learn more about our Launch Pad: ChainGPT Pad Docs

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