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2024-2025 Initiative

In 2024 and 2025, our unwavering commitment is to expand our solutions, elevate existing LLMs, and tailor new ones to meet the specialized needs of web3 applications. Our pivotal endeavor is the creation of a bespoke Layer-1 blockchain meticulously designed for the training and execution of AI models. This blockchain is engineered with a primary focus on decentralized AI applications, diverging from the conventional emphasis on cryptocurrencies. It is conceived to be semi-EVM compatible, accommodating coding languages such as Solidity, Rust, and Python. Stay tuned for comprehensive insights through forthcoming research papers and developer documentation as our theory matures into concrete development.
2024 initiates the dynamic ChainGPT Blockchain & Ecosystem Development Phase, commencing with the Testnet Phase. We introduce a dedicated Layer-1 blockchain meticulously designed for AI smart contracts and models. The rollout of the ChainGPT chain's testnet version marks a significant milestone, and we actively engage with our ecosystem partners to seamlessly integrate the chain into their protocols, soliciting their invaluable feedback. To foster innovation, a grant program incentivizes projects within the ChainGPT chain ecosystem. We also provide an array of indispensable tools, including an explorer, AI Models & Tools Marketplace, web wallet, wallet extension, mobile app integration, custom Remix for ChainGPT Blockchain, a wormhole (bridge) connecting to other chains, and integration with popular DEXs & CEXs.
The subsequent Mainnet Phase spanning 2024-2025 involves strategic collaborations with esteemed validators and capital providers to fortify the growth of our Layer-1 chain. Our foremost objectives encompass deploying the ChainGPT chain onto the mainnet, orchestrating the smooth migration of partner protocols from the testnet to the mainnet, and introducing all our in-house ecosystem applications to the mainnet, heralding a transformative era of AI-powered blockchain technology.
We aim to release the Layer-1 Chain (Mainnet Version) during the next "bull run" cycle or after the next Bitcoin halving.
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