AI Smart-Contract Auditor

An added layer of Pre-emptive security for Smart Contracts

In the decentralized digital economy, code is law. Mistakes are to be avoided at all costs. The permanence of data that has materialized in software with the advent of blockchain and distributed ledger technology has amplified the importance of security in open, global economic settings.

Accuracy in developing smart contracts or decentralized applications could be the difference between a catastrophic bug exploit costing users billions and the establishment of powerful neutral intermediaries. Every year, the amount of capital expended on providing security to digital assets grows. Under the premise that society will only continue to ascend into a more digital version of itself, the need to secure smart contracts will continue to grow.

ChainGPT has developed a Smart Contract Auditor that will take code as input and run a multitude of evaluations based on the vast history of the crypto/blockchain/web3 industry's information set and detect potential dangers or anomalies before having to deploy contracts.

Auditing Smart-Contracts was never easier!


  • Pre-emptive security enhancement: Security has three touchpoints: time, preventative, monitoring, and post-event/reactive. Preventative deals with the model of security that attempts to maximize safety during development to minimize any potential issues in the future. Monitoring refers to the time of a security measure's life cycle when essential maintenance is conducted to ensure all functionality runs as it should and deter malicious activity in real time. Post-event or reactive security models deal with recovery speed after something goes wrong. ChainGPT's auditor can help prevent issues from arising and increase the quality of code before it is deployed into production.

  • Additional Layer of Security: The ChainGPT Smart Contract Auditor seamlessly integrates into a product's development workflow. It heightens the confidence level around a code's quality to help streamline DevOps.

  • Time-Efficient: Audits are notoriously time-consuming. While the ChainGPT Smart Contract Auditor does not guarantee the same granularity and nuance as a cybersecurity expert, it is an incredible way to filter for fundamental errors within seconds. From code upload to prompting the request to conduct a thorough scan, it is simply a matter of a few minutes. In less than the time it takes the Bitcoin network to print a block, the ChainGPT Smart Contract Auditor can complete an analysis.

  • Capital Efficient: It is not uncommon for an essential security evaluation to run costs into the multiple thousands. ChainGPT's Auditor implements a simple, fixed cost (per call/prompt) model that decreases these costs by up to two orders of magnitude.

Accessing the Auditor:

Interaction with the auditor happens in a chat-based interface.

In order to get to the auditor, a user will have to navigate to the official application dashboard located at:, connect their wallet (Web3 login), and open the chat box on the right-hand side of the screen.



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