AI Smart-Contract Generator

Smart contracts are the fundamental building blocks of decentralized applications. The development of Smart contracts is the cornerstone upon which Web3 relies to bring the vision of a decentralized, digital economy to fruition.

Coding a smart contract from scratch is a labor-intensive, detail-oriented process that commonly includes extensive time expenditures in the quality assurance processes before deployment. Aimed at accelerating innovation and improving prototyping quality by order of magnitude, ChainGPT has tuned the capabilities of its AI model to create smart contracts on demand.

ChainGPT's AI Model has been fed all of the information about smart contract code, including best security practices, libraries, samples of standardization, effective live contracts, failures, and a slew of micro-nuances (such as solidity syntax).


  • Speed of Iteration: ChainGPT can create a unique smart contract with just a few prompts. Depending on the complexity of the smart contract code, it is within reason to anticipate creation times sub 1 minute.

  • Low Capital Expenditure: The ChainGPT Smart Contract Generator has a fixed, ultra-low (per call/prompt) cost. Falling into the sub $1 cost bracket, generating an intelligent contract will now become accessible to a new generation of developers and entrepreneurs who do not have prior experience.

  • Broad Contract Types: The ChainGPT Smart Contract Generator can create a wide range of application and logic types, from simpler, more common things, such as fungible tokens, to more complex and sophisticated things, such as AMM DEXs for NFTs.

Accessing the Smart Contract Generator:

Interaction with the Smart Contract Generator happens in a chat-based interface.

To get to the generator, a user must navigate to the official application dashboard at, connect their wallet (Web3 login), and open the chat box on the right-hand side of the screen.

Our AI tools are also available on Web, Telegram & Discord.



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