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AI Trading Assistant

The ChainGPT Artificial Intelligence Trading Assistant
Neatly packaged in the familiar and friendly chat interface, the ChainGPT AI Trading Assistant is Designed to be the perfect companion for conducting technical research and analysis on the crypto markets.


  • Technical Analysis with AI: Let our AI perform technical analysis for you, and detect chart patterns on any supported crypto token (5,000+). If you're an expert or a beginner, our technical analysis AI model is as accurate as TA can be. (Mathematical LLM)
  • Price Analysis: Historic and current price activity is the single most important variable when it comes to technical analysis, especially about the pursuits of trading, investing, and so on. The ChainGPT AI Trading Assistant is familiar with the market data for thousands of digital assets and is constantly tracking their transformations over time.
  • Indicator Application: Leverages the endless kit of indicator tools (RSI, EMA, SMA, Bollinger bands, and so on) to track second-degree variables and detect patterns not otherwise visible. ChainGPT's trading assistant can process many indicators to distill noise and speed up the discovery process.
  • Sentiment Analysis: Plugged into the vast matrix of data sources that is applicable to crypto, ChainGPT's AI Trading Assitant can conduct evaluations of more abstract data and help use it to cross-reference a thesis. Markets are more about sociology and psychology than they are purely mathematical.
  • Live News Updates: News may not always be the dominant force behind the market, but its presence and the correlations between the two have proven time and time again to have close relationships. The Trading Assitant will monitor news as it happens and provide it on-demand to users in brief, concise, easy-to-comprehend bites of information.