Getting Started


To install the General Chatbot SDK, follow these steps:

  1. Create a Node Application: Begin by setting up an application in Node.js.

  2. Open Terminal or Command Prompt:

    • Use the terminal for Linux-based operating systems.

    • Use the command prompt for Windows.

  3. Run Installation Commands: Execute the specific commands provided to install the SDK.

pm install --save @chaingpt/generalchator
yarn add generalchat


Credits System

  • Initial Setup: Start by acquiring credits in the web application These credits are necessary to create an API key and access the SDK functionalities.

  • Usage and Deduction: Credits will be deducted with each request using the SDK.

Setup API Key

  • Generating API Key: Utilize the ChainGPT API SDK for authentication. In the web application, navigate to the API Dashboard and use the 'Create Secret Key' feature to generate and copy your API key.

  • Securing API Key:

    • It is crucial to secure your API keys to control access effectively.

    • Avoid exposing the API keys in your code or public repositories.

    • Store them in a secure location, and use environment variables or a secret management service for exposure to your application.

    • This method ensures you do not need to hard-code them in your codebase, enhancing security.


The General Chatbot SDK from ChainGPT operates on a credit-based system. Each request made through the SDK deducts one credit from the user's account. This model facilitates a pay-per-use structure, ensuring that users only pay for what they need, allowing for both flexibility and scalability.

  1. Stream Response: Each chat API request costs 1 Credit. Enabling chat history will result in an additional credit deduction.

  2. BLOB Response: Similar to Stream Response, each request deducts 1 Credit, with chat history also incurring an extra credit cost.

Users can monitor and manage their credit usage via the Webapp, aligning with ChainGPT's user-centric approach to accessibility and transparency in service provision.

For additional details or to manage your credits, users should visit the ChainGPT Webapp.


For additional assistance, refer to Discord -


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