CGPT Utility Token

ChainGPT's native utility token

Contract Address: (Certik Audit) (Hacken Audit) BSC (native)0x9840652DC04fb9db2C43853633f0F62BE6f00f98 ETH (bridge) 0x25931894a86d47441213199621f1f2994e1c39aa

$CGPT (ChainGPT Token) is the economic backbone of the ChainGPT ecosystem.

It acts as a store of value, a unit of account, and a medium of exchange that facilitates all on-chain interaction between individuals and businesses and the ChainGPT AI Model. To access the full range and depth of ChainGPT's AI applications, ChainGPT has weaved the $CGPT token into its business architecture.

Through careful design considerations, many touchpoints tie the demand for the AI model to the $CGPT token, from NFT and smart contract generation to auditing and chatbot interactions, and the number of vectors that transmute value through $CGPT is vast.

Beyond the singular utility of access, the token provides ancillary benefits that compound the degree of value end users are imbued with by having exposure to $CGPT.


Token Name: ChainGPT Token Ticker Symbol: $CGPT Supply: 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion) Live Circulating Supply: Issuing Network: Binance Smart Chain / Ethereum Token Standard: BEP-20 / ERC-20 Archetype: Utility Economic Model: Deflationary Supply Policy: Burning Burn Rate: Variable

ChainGPT has established a virtuous, transparent economy of AI services that track real-world demand for artificial intelligence by recording all activity on-chain. Moreover, as the asset required for inclusion into the ChainGPT DAO, $CGPT becomes the tool that invites communities of AI enthusiasts and unites them through the power of ownership.


  • PPU for AI model

  • Staking for Priority Access to AI Model Tools

  • Membership to the DAO

  • Inclusion into a Tier level for ChainGPT Pad

PPU for AI Model Pay-Per-Use. A non-binding model for users looking for maximal freedom from commitment and limitless flexibility. Whether engaged via the official interface (application dashboard) or called via the API, every interaction with the ChainGPT AI will carry some associated cost that will have to be paid in $CGPT tokens (or CGPTc {which are still acquired through a token conversion}).

Staking for Priority Access to AI Model Tools The Staking system is a core component and key driver of ChainGPT's economic architecture.

Synchronized with a four-tier membership system, staking provides unlimited, priority access to the ChainGPT AI model (at the diamond tier). Seen as a form of capital commitment, staking is considered to be a strong signal for supporting ChainGPT while tapping into its vast AI tooling infrastructure. Regarding $CGPT, staking is a form of token binding where users lock their assets out of circulation for a predetermined time. Stake Here

Membership to the DAO ChainGPT's decentralized autonomous organization is a member-owned governance forum designed to attract AI enthusiasts from all walks of life and unify them through co-ownership. Joining the DAO imbues users with participation rights (proposing and voting) that help steer the direction of the project developments and protect it against mal-intentioned entities. Enabled through the staking module, members will have a headquarters in cyberspace for coordinating with like-minded technologists, futurists, researchers, developers, and entrepreneurs. View DAO Here

Inclusion into a Tier level for ChainGPT Pad In order to unlock complete access to the benefits provided by the ChainGPT Pad and access all of the potential projects, users must stake their $CGPT to accumulate tier points. Deduced from a a combination of the amount of tokens staked and the duration they are staked for, users gain different tiers, each with its own degree of unique benefits. View Tier System

* There are a variety of cost structures associated with the degree of access and user sophistication that will be outlined in the Pricing Guide here.


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