IDO Rounds Explained

Participation Rounds for Initial Dex Offerings on ChainGPT

ChainGPT Pad leverages a two-phased approach for conducting the launches of IDO projects.

By having multiple rounds, a higher degree of commitment from the CGPT user base can be established, and a larger potential opportunity for projects to successfully complete their intended sales.

Round #1 (Guaranteed Allocation)

Round one of an IDO will be granted only to the users who signal their desire to participate by registering their interest prior to the start of the IDO. (Typically, Registration will open a week prior and last until 24 hours before launch).

This round is reserved for the top staking tier groups, Silver, Gold, and Diamond. However, every IDO is launched through social campaigns that allow a limited group of fast-acting Bronze tier members to earn their inclusion into the guaranteed round.

Round #1 will last for 24 hours unless otherwise specified.

Round #2 (FCFS - First Come First Serve)

Round two, the First Come First Serve, is open to the broader ChainGPT community. There is no requirement to register interest for FCFS; however, waiting for it runs the risk of users being unable to participate due to early completion. Here, all KYC tier members can join at will.

Round #2 will last for 12 hours unless otherwise specified.

Should a project reach 99% of its maximum IDO capacity during the first round of guaranteed allocations, the IDO will immediately conclude the first round. At least 1% of the capacity will always be reserved for the second round, designated for First Come, First Serve (FCFS) participants.



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